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CBD has over the years gained immense popularity as a fantastic health supplement. And, people are quite keen on including CBD edibles into their daily lifestyle. The demand for quality CBD products is such that by 2025, this domain is expected to grow into a 23-billion-dollar business in the Unites States alone.

Owing to the miraculous effects that CBD has on the human mind and body, its consumption, in various forms has gained immense popularity. And, of all the different kinds of CBD edibles available nowadays, CBD beverages are the most popular. 

CBD Beverages

CBD beverages have become a rage with the Millennials and Gen-Z consumers and keeping this demand in mind, beverage manufacturers are coming up with interesting new options every day. Right from CBD tea to lemonade to CBD beer, there are a host of CBD beverages available for consumption.

On Greeny, which is the largest online CBD marketplace, you can find a host of CBD supplements from some of the most reputed brands in the domain. The CBD drinks that you get on Greeny are absolutely safe for consumption and have just the right amount of CBD infusion to ensure the best results. 

Are CBD beverages legal?

Well, before answering whether CBD beverages are legal, it would be best to explain what kind of CBD is legal.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is basically a chemical compound extracted from the Hemp or Marijuana plant. Now, this compound and the use of products infused with CBD are considered legal only if the percentage of THC in it is less than 0.3%. And, this legally approved composition can only be achieved when the CBD is extracted from the Hemp plant. Therefore, Hemp-derived CBD and products infused with this compound are considered legal.

As such, beverages infused with CBD containing less than .3% THC are also considered legal and can be consumed by people over 18 years of age. 

If you are looking for the best CBD beverages, check out the wide variety of products available on Greeny. We are the biggest online CBD marketplace and take pride in presenting quality CBD products which are promptly delivered to our customers once they place the orders. We also have an efficient customer service team that is available 24X7 to answer your queries and help with your orders.