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Transdermal Relief Cream - 2oz

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Product Details:

Mary's Nutritional Transdermal Relief Cream has been developed in collaboration with a rheumatologist held in high regard for his body of work. This plant-based transdermal cream is designed to facilitate quick and effective absorption of full-spectrum Hemp extract along with naturally occurring CBD and the brand’s proprietary compounds. This cream works in helping to relieve from full-body aches and is also effective is alleviating aches and pains in targeted areas.


  • 100 mg full-spectrum Hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD
  • Lidocaine for a calming effect
  • Aloe-vera for a soothing effect
  • Vitamin E to provide nourishment

How to Use:

Before applying the cream it is very important to clean the area thoroughly. For targeted relief, the cream needs to be applied properly only on the targeted area. For full body pain relief, application of the cream on the venous areas like top of the foot and inner wrist would ensure the desired results.

All products contain less than 0.3% THC