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New Era Wellness CBD Tincture Series - 300mg


Product Details:

The New Era Wellness CBD Tincture Series tongue drops contain 300mg CBD. Hence, this product is perfect for the ones who desire to just try out CBD, minus the psychoactive THC or simply require its low dosage. The Full Spectrum CBD used in this product includes several beneficial compounds, fatty acids and waxes, which significantly contribute to the 'entourage' effect created by it and helps it to improve bio availability as well. This factor additionally makes this product more effective in comparison to the ones that simply use CBD isolate.


  • Non-GMO, organic ingredients
  • Natural MCT oil
  • Finest natural flavorings

How to Use:

Place one drop of the New Era CBD Tincture under the tongue and wait for about 30 seconds so it can be fully absorbed. You can even use it with your shakes and salads.