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Product Details:

Much like their human friends, dogs also suffer from multiple dental problems. To help them keep their toothy grins intact you can give them BudaPets Dental Chews.  These bone-shaped treats do not contain any artificial preservatives, flavours or colours, and are absolutely safe for digestion. The BudaPets Dental Chews have a firm to hard texture which helps them to effectively clean plaque and tartar present on the teeth of your dog, and enhance their oral health. 


    • Organic Hemp
    • Advantageous fatty acids
    • Phospholipids and anti-oxidants
    • Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA)

How to use:

You can give these relishing dental treats to your furry friends at regular intervals. You can give one or two of these treats in a day, depending on the size of your pet. These dental treats when given regularly to pets can effectively help in improving gum and teeth health in dogs as well as alleviate any kind of pain or hyper-activity.