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Magic-Flight Launch Box Draw Whip

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Product Details:

Beautifully crafted by artisans, the Draw Whip for Magic Flight Launch Box boasts of silicone tubing and acrylic tips. This whip can be availed in three distinct lengths, so as to address the needs and preferences of diverse individuals. The 1 ft. Draw Whip offers the fastest draw and is perfect for personal use, while the 2 ft. Draw Whip is ideal for sharing your Launch Box with your friends. The 3 ft. draw Whip is both perfect for sharing, and ideal for use when you desire to vape with discretion as it allows you to take hits while the launch box is safely tucked in your pocket or somewhere else.


  • Available in three different lengths ‚Äì 1 ft., 2 ft., and 3 ft.
  • Silicone tubing
  • Acrylic tips