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MagicalButter LoveGlove and Filters Combo


Products Details:

This exciting combo of the different Magical Butter filter bags and non-slip silicone Love-Glove is just what you need to ensure that your herb extraction is done in the best possible manner. The filter bags come in 3 different pore sizes, 25 microns, 73 microns and 220 microns so you can efficiently filter different kinds of compounds, ranging from hashish to butter. And the LoveGlove provides the maximum safety as well as comfort while handling hot liquids during the process of filtration or extraction from the blender.


  • 3 Filters with mesh of different sizes:
  • Superfine pore size of 25 microns for straining hashish and kif
  • Pore size of 73 microns for finer tinctures
  • Pore size of 220 microns for thicker extracts and
  • The non-slip silicone Love-Glove