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Mary's Whole Pet - Whole Pet Tincture

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Product Details:

Mary's Tails whole pet tincture is a very potent compound which when administered systematically can help in controlling hyper-activity in your pet and keep it calm and relaxed. This revolutionary product also helps in alleviating all kinds of discomfort that your pet may be facing. Regular consumption of this productmay help in maintaining the over bone and joint health of your pet as well ashelping to improvethe body’s response to any kind of inflammation.


  • Organic Hemp extract
  • 300 mg naturally occurring CBD
  • Bacon flavor

How to Use:

The best way to administer the tincture would be by placing a drop of the same on the pet's tongue

You can also add it to an edible that your pet loves (although a direct dose would be more effective)

All products contain less than 0.3% THC